LifeLines Education
LifeLines Education is bringing academic and pedagogic support to rural teachers in the states of West Bengal and Rajasthan. The service uses the same telephone and web-based technology of LifeLines Agriculture, with appropriate customization.
Success Stories
Amar Mondal
Assistant teacher, Bhurkunda BM Institution
The field investigators of the LifeLines-Education service have been coming to our school regularly. The answers and suggestions that they have facilitated us to get through the aervice have been helpful for us, as also for our students.
Fact File
How to teach better, what to refer to and how to evaluate better...
Nearly 14,000 teachers across 5262 schools in 2 states
Covering Primary, Upper Primary, Junior and High Schools, and ICDS Centres
12,000 academic query-answer sets in the Knowledge Database