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* What to grow, how to grow better, where to sell and how much to sell for...
* Over 150,000 farmer households in more than 1000 villages
* 490,000+ elements in Knowledge Database
* Completed 10 crop cycles
Indian farmers often work in harsh environments and face daily challenges, ranging from crop failure and animal illness to indebtness. Limited communication facilities hinder timely help. The LifeLines-Agriculture service responds to this need by providing advice and guidance to farmers through critical agri-advisory and livelihood information...
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Satya Prakash – Terichar, Niwari, Bundelkhand
“This phone facility is really easy. My mustard crop was once infected with Mahu. I came to know about this service where, if you leave your query, you get answers. I left a query seeking advice on medicine for my crop. In the answer I was suggested a pesticide. I used the pesticide and this brought my crop’s disease completely under control.”
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