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LifeLines Agriculture - How it works

by bhairab last modified 2008-08-13 18:54

The user dials the designated LifeLines number using a landline or mobile phone. The call first reaches the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System of the service where the user is assisted by a voice menu to register his/her query. The query asked by the user is stored as a voice clip in the LifeLines' database server.

LL Agri - Process FlowAt the backend, a Knowledge Worker (KW), responsible for processing the queries, logs in to the application through the web interface, and views all the queries that have been registered in the system. Answers to these queries are first looked up in the system's FAQ database by the KW. If available in the database, the required answer is attached to the query in the form of a voice clip; else the query is forwarded by the Knowledge Worker to relevant experts for answer.

Once the query is answered by the expert, the LifeLines application alerts the knowledge worker. The KW then retrieves the answer from the expert and saves it as a voice clip in the FAQ database. This answer is then played back when the user calls the service for the answer to his query.

The user can also retrieve the answer in text format from his / her village information centre. Furthermore, the system also allows the users to send photographs along with their queries for the experts' opinion.  Like for instance, farmers can send pictures of their crops and cattle when they ask queries.