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How to manage weeds in mustard fields?

by admin — 2014-11-19 10:32

For the control of weeds in mustard it is necessary to do gap filling and thinning in the field 10-15 days after sowing and make the distance between two plants 15cm. Weeding should be done twice to control weed growth in the field. First weeding should be done before first irrigation and second should be done before second irrigation. For the chemical control use 45 EC Fluchloralin at the rate of 2.2 liter in 800-1000 liter of water and use harrow for soil mixing or spray of Pentamethylene at the rate of 3.3 liter in 800-1000 liter.

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How to control canker disease in Citrus trees?

by admin — 2014-11-19 10:29

Citrus canker disease can be identified by appearance of yellow spots on leaves, thorns, fruits etc. For its control cut the affected branches and apply bordeaux paste (5:5:50) on those parts. Spray streptocycline @ 1gram with neem husk by dissolving in 20 liters of water.

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Please suggest high yielding varieties of Wheat that can be cultivated in hilly areas.

by admin — 2014-11-19 10:28

Following are names of high yielding varieties of wheat that are suitable for cultivation in northern hills- V L Gehun-421, V L Gehun-404, V L Gehun-421, V L Gehun-616, V L Gehun-719, V L Gehun-802, V L Gehun-804, V L Gehun-829, V L Gehun-832, V L Gehun-892, V L Gehun-907 etc.

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What is the desirable climate and soil type for Fenugreek cultivation?

by admin — 2014-11-19 10:27

Fenugreek is a Rabi crop, it requires cool climate during its vegetative growth and warm dry climate during maturity. It is tolerant to frost. It can be cultivated in almost all types of soils but well drained loamy soil is most suitable. For better growth and development of fenugreek, soil pH should be 6.0 to 7.0.

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How to control green leaf hopper pest in paddy crop?

by admin — 2014-11-19 09:55

Green leaf hopper is an insect-pest that feeds on plant sap. Due to its heavy infestation the crop turns yellow and dry. It is also a vector of virus diseases such as tungro disease, yellow dwarf, etc. For its biological control small wasps, spiders are useful while for its chemical control spray methyl parathion 2% per acre.

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Please suggest some high yielding varieties of finger millet which are found in Uttarakhand

by admin — 2014-11-19 09:55

Popular varieties of Finger millets found in Uttarakhand are VL Mandua 101, VL Mandua 204, VL Mandua 124, VL Mandua 149 (maturity in 105-110 days), VL Mandua 146 (maturity in 95-100 days), VL Mandua 315 (maturity in 105-110 days) and VL Mandua 324 (maturity in 105-135 days).

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