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LifeLines Agriculture - Quick Updates

by bhairab last modified 2012-09-27 12:51

Over its 6 years of implementation, the LifeLines Agriculture service has grown to become a handy and reliable source of reference for more than 150,000 farmers to make informed choices on their livelihoods related to agriculture and allied activities.

Covering 1000 villages of north-central India, the service spans distinct agro-climatic zones in its geographic outreach, and has completed ten crop cycles in its implementation.

  • Till date, LifeLines Agriculture has received over 460,000 queries from farmers, and continues receiving near 350 queries each day.
  • More than 95% of the queries are addressed in less than 24 hours.

The information provided through LifeLines covers an entire range of agricultural know-how - from new and sustainable techniques of agriculture and better crop varieties, to disease control and integrated pest management, to animal husbandry and weather advisory. It also updates farmers on regional market information and Government schemes for funding and insurance.  





As shown in this indicative chart, the bulk of queries received in LifeLines relate to horticulture, followed by agronomy, forestry, dairy science and animal husbandry. Within horticulture farmers mostly post queries on olericulture, fruit and spice cultivation. (See some sample queries here...)