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LifeLines Agriculture - Success Stories

by bhairab last modified 2011-03-29 20:12


The most prominent benefit to farmers is the access they get to a wide information network through LifeLines Agriculture. This has enabled their improved knowledge on farming and animal husbandry techniques, leading to increase in farm outputs, and consequently enhancing their earning capacities.


Better profits and improved crop productivity to the tune of 21% year-on-year provide the numbers to show how LifeLines has been of help; while farmers themselves attest to qualitative betterment in their life-standards as a corollary of the economic gains.


What Farmers Say

*   Iqbal Khan, Dhanai, Bundelkhand

"I used to grow mangoes in my garden, but due to some reason the fruits were falling off even before they could mature. I then came to know of the Soochna se Samadhan service through someone. I called the service number to seek help for my problem, and in 24 hours I was able to get advice from the experts of the service on different measures to control the fruit-fall in my mango trees. I followed their advice and started to see results in a few days. I have now recommended the serive to my fellow farmers also."

*   Guru Singh Harihar, Terichar, Niwari, Bundelkhand

Success stories: Guru Singh Harihar1“My pulse crop was infected with a disease for which I was really worried. I got to know of this number where agriculture queries are answered. I immediately called this number. The computer recorded my question and gave me a 4 digit query id and told me that my answer will be available after 72 hours. When I went back to the STD booth and dialed the query id, I got advice on using a fertilizer with the amount also specified. I used the fertilizer and within 15 days the disease was controlled and my crop recovered.”

*  Satya Prakash – Terichar, Niwari, Bundelkhand

“This phone facility is really easy. My mustard crop was once infected with Mahu. I came to know about this service where, if you leave your query, you get answers. I left a query seeking advice on medicine for my crop. In the answer I was suggested a pesticide. I used the pesticide and this brought my crop’s disease completely under control.”

*   Gaurav Khare, Niwari

“I am a graduation student. The question I asked was about my buffalo which was giving less milk. To my surprise I got an answer for my query. I used the advice given. Now my buffalo is fine and is giving good amount of milk.”

*  Shiv Sharan Nayak – Niwari

“I have one hectare of land and I wanted to know about fisheries. I got answers, and information even about the fish species. The language is very simple and easy to understand. And if I need to hear the answer again, I can call up and listen to the answer twice.”

*   Sushil Gupta, Sakrar, Jhansi

Success stories: Sushil Gupta1“My cow was ill and was giving very watery milk. I called up on the helpline number and got some advice on nutrition and care for my cow. I followed the advice and my cow is fine now. The milk quality has also improved. This service is good as the answers are given in a simple and systematic manner here.”