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LifeLines Education - How it works?

by bhairab last modified 2008-08-13 13:10

The teacher dials a designated number and is guided by its local language voice response system (IVRS) to record his/her query. The system generates an ID in response to the query; this ID is used by the teacher to retrieve his/her answer when she calls the service the next time. The call processing duration of the service is 24-48 hours.

LL Edu - Process Flow

At the backend, during this period the logged query is tagged and sent to relevant experts by email or SMS for appropriate response. When the experts have responded to the query, the answer is packaged and readied in the form of a voice clip for easy retrieval by the teacher using a telephone again.

Every query after being processed goes into an FAQ databank, building up the knowledge base in the system and also aiding future reference. At a later phase the service looks at enabling collaborative knowledge development in the system, whereby teachers will also be able to respond to relevant queries posted and add to the information that comes from the experts.