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About OneWorld

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OneWorld is an international network that works “to harness the democratic potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to promote human rights awareness and sustainable development across the globe.”

The aims of the OneWorld Network are:

  • To be an online media gateway which most effectively informs a global audience about human rights and sustainable development
  • To bring together a global community working for sustainable development through active partnerships of organisations and individuals sharing OneWorld’s vision
  • To transcend geographic and linguistic barriers in OneWorld’s work, in particular to give voice to those typically overlooked by mainstream media and policy-makers

Each member of the OneWorld Network ( translates these strategic aims into operational plans based on an assessment of their local contexts.

About OneWorld South Asia:

OneWorld South Asia (OWSA) is the South Asian Centre of the OneWorld Network.

OneWorld South Asia sees itself as a platform for development that complements global partnerships engaged in the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), while actualising its commitment to the broader Millennium Declaration of the UN Millennium Summit.

OWSA has been working continuously towards realising the above goals; building strong partnerships and strategically positioning ICTs to promote and strengthen the ‘voices’ of the marginalized on issues that are of concern for them and the society at large.

The partnership model is a core element at OneWorld, with partners from civil society organisations, private sector, government, as well as grassroots organisations and collectives, playing a crucial role in content facilitation, knowledge networking and joint information and communication initiatives.

Another integral part of the partnership effort is to build capacities of partner organizations in the use of ICTs for effective communication and pro-poor policy advocacy work. The success of OneWorld South Asia’s programmes is dependent on the synergies that OWSA and its partners build for achieving common development goals.

OWSA has a strong partner network consisting of more than 750 organisations and individuals. With its partners, OWSA works to create formal and informal networks of people sharing common interests, and provides them with a platform to exchange their knowledge and experiences on sustainable livelihood, education for empowerment, health, water and sanitation, and good governance.