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Awards and Recognition

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The journey of the LifeLines service since it commenced in September 2006, has been peppered with successes and recognitions both in India and abroad. 


International Recognition to LifeLines

In 2008, LifeLines joined ranks with 25 global innovators who were honored as a Tech Awards Laureate (view video) by the prestigious Tech Museum of Innovation for employing technology solutions to benefit humanity.

In the same year, the service partnership between BT, Cisco & One World South Asia won the Big Tick Award, which is UK’s most prominent CSR award conferred to companies integrating responsible business practices for positively impacting society. 

The US Congress has awarded Special Congressional Recognition to LifeLines for outstanding service to the community. LifeLines has been featured in the ‘Responsible Business’ series broadcast by the CNBC network and extensively profiled by mainstream Indian print-media, at the initiative of FAO, and at the WEF summit in India and Davos.

Most recently, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) presented their 2009 Award for Social Responsibility to the LifeLines alliance between One World, BT, and Cisco in February 2009.