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LifeLines India - on the net

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LifeLines Agriculture story in Sahara

Marginal farmers in Uttar Pradesh are using a telephonic helpline to raise their incomes by improving their farming practices and diversifying into other agri-businesses. (Read more from the report...)


ICT Innovations

FICCI- Seminar on Innovations in ICTFICCI's ICT Innovations report of 2009 lists the LifeLines case study as an excellent example of current initiatives using innovations in ICT to reach out to the beleaguered Indian agriculturist. (Read more from the report...)


LifeLines brings e-change in farmers' lives

Governance Now Logo1Shailendra Singh grows flowers on his land in Naya Khera village in Niwari, Uttar Pradesh. With each call he has made in the last two years to the LifeLines helpline, he has also helped grow a knowledge bank that farmers like him use to reap never-before profits. (Read the LifeLines story on GovernanceNow)

"Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas"

As a follow-up to the Virtual Forum on "Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas" in November, Ms. Anna-Maria Walter from had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Naimur Rahman, Head of the OneWorld office in South Asia. Naimur shared his experiences from the LifeLines India project and his vision for the future of ICTs in Rural Development with Anna-Maria. (Read more from the interview...)


Knowledge based services for farmers on phones


The project aims to provide connectivity, content and capability via a phone-based service. Many poor farmers have been using the service successfully to get solutions from experts for their crop related problems (Read more on the story...)


LifeLines India


This information and communication technology (ICT) initiative uses mobile technology and an interactive voice response system to provide academic support and instructional training to rural elementary school teachers in West Bengal, India. (Read more about the service on the Communication Initiative Network...)


Lifelines India: Success stories of farmers


LifeLines, a technology-based helpline service, is helping initiate a small revolution-of-sorts in the lives of rural communities in India by enabling them with access to critical knowledge and livelihood information just  on the dial of a phone. (Read the success story on Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa...)


Communications Technology Bridges the Digital Divide

CSR Europe_logo.gifProviding rural farmers in India with telephone-based expert advice on farming, agribusiness and animal husbandry.
(Read more on CSR Europe...)

BT provides Lifelines to India’s farming communities:

cplus-newlogo.gifConvergence Plus spoke with Arun Seth, Chairman, BT India, to discuss the Lifelines project, which is one of several community initiatives that BT is involved with in India. (Read more from the interview...)