Japan is a modern country in technology. Modern technology is not only in making robots and automotive but also in agricultural affairs. One example is hydroponic cultivation in Japan, which uses sophisticated methods. Thanks to modern technology, the harvest obtained was booming, and vegetables were fresher. Planting with hydroponic techniques is due to limited land in Japan.

Hydroponics is planting plants without using soil media, which is even more amazing not planting in the fields or fields, but there are those on the ground floor of a building that has the least sunlight. Of course, we are curious about how plants can thrive without soil media and sunlight? So, do not be curious about this hydroponic technology in Japan:

LED technology

Most Japanese hydroponic agriculture uses LED technology. This is because agriculture is carried out inside the building to the point of minimal sunlight. LEDs that can replace sunlight and can make plants grow quickly. Therefore, this LED technology can produce vegetables 100 times less than the conventional planting process.

Controlled by a computer

Hydroponic technology in Japan is very modern, all of which are computer-based. The computer is used to manage the supply of water to the plants or rice. In addition to serving as a water supplier, the network serves as a regulator of light and temperature to the point that it is very similar to the temperature in the original garden.

High Sodium Vapor Pressure

Besides using LED technology from lights, Japan also uses high-pressure sodium vapor lamps. The technology is used as sunlight to the point that even though there is minimal sunlight entering the building, rice and vegetables in Japan can thrive and grow rapidly.

Automatic Rice Planter

The Japanese technology that needs to be emulated is the existence of an automatic rice planting machine. If in Indonesia rice cultivation still uses human power but not with this Japanese state. This mechanical rice planter is called a rice transplanter. The advantage of this machine is that it can be used as planting rice seeds simultaneously. Besides, in Japan, rice planting machines are automatically used in China and Taiwan. The trick is that the seeds that have been grown are placed on a rice transplanter machine and the machine is moved and in one motion can make 4 paths with a distance of 30 cm. 1 ton of seeds can be planted in just 4 hours.

In Japan, this is not just vegetables and fruit that can be planted with hydroponic techniques, but rice is also planted with hydroponic methods. The Ministry of Agriculture in Japan is also aggressively promoting so that Japanese people consume less rice compared to bread, and the matter is inversely proportional to that found in Indonesia.

Although Japan’s land is the least productive in agricultural products, the matter is evidenced by the results of agriculture, both rice, vegetables, and fruits that are not often abundant. Hydroponic technology in Japan is indeed the most amazing, and I hope this information is useful for you.


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