Rice is a staple food commonly consumed by people in many countries. There are not a few types of rice on the market. The quality of rice between different types has different standards. Therefore, you must be selective by choosing quality rice because rice with superior quality is not only good for consumption but also good for health.

Tips for Choosing Quality, Good and Healthy Rice

Get weighted rice quality is not easy. Moreover, separating which rice contains bleach and which is safe for consumption. Many things need to be considered. Starting from the texture, smell, color, and so on. The following are some tips that can be done to get quality and healthy rice.

1. Pay attention to the color of rice

The first tip that must be ignored when choosing quality rice is to pay attention to the color of rice. Given that at this time there was not a little rice mixed with so many bleaches. So listen to the color of rice most important so that you find healthy rice.

The quality of the rice is not too white. Because it can be the color of rice that has whitening content, preferably, choose the color of rice that has a bright color with not much yellowish.

2. Pay attention to the rice texture

The next way to choose rice is to listen to the texture of the rice. From the texture of rice, you can see whether the rice is right or not used. Quality rice has a texture that is powerful and not easily broken when pressed.

On the other hand, rice which, when pressed, is easily destroyed, shows that the rice is not suitable for consumption. Therefore, choose rice that is powerful and sturdy with the technique of pressing samples from existing rice.

3. Select rice that does not stick when squeezed

Different tips that are no less urgent to note to get healthy rice is to ensure that the rice does not stick when squeezed. Rice holding to the hand when pressed indicates that the rice has a lubricating content.

The lubricant content in rice products must be avoided as much as possible. This is caused because the content is not good for health and can cause problems in one’s body.

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4. Carefully observe the rice appearance

The technique for choosing quality rice is then to watch the model on the rice. The trick is to examine the grain of rice. With this technique, you can see whether rice is a new or old rice product.

Look carefully at the texture and appearance of the rice if the rice texture has a high or not rice texture. Besides, see if there is a trace in our hands like flour or not. If both signs are present, it indicates that the rice is old.

5. Make sure the rice does not have lice

In addition to many tips that have been recited above, you must also ensure that the rice we buy has no ticks in it. Generally, rice that has fleas indicates that the rice is old. And old rice is certainly not clean and not good enough for health.

However, even real-quality rice has a positive side. Because it has no ingredients or chemicals. There are times when new types of rice are infested because they are contaminated with old rice.

6. Make sure to buy in a trusted store

In addition to ensuring that the rice is not lecherous, the technique of knowing the next quality rice is by purchasing rice at a trusted store. This is very urgent so that the rice is truly guaranteed. Because buying rice at a store that carelessly can cause bad results.

Therefore, choose a store that hands over safe and healthy rice products. And the most important thing is to try to keep the rice in a new situation. Especially if the rice is handed over to the baby.

7. Kiss the aroma of rice

The next tip in choosing high-quality rice is to watch how the fragrance of rice. Currently, in the market, there are not a few outstanding types of rice containing artificial fragrances. Rice, which includes fragrance production, generally gives rise to a very fragrant smell. So, avoid this type of rice.

However, when you breathe rice, it creates a musty fragrance, which indicates that the rice is old. While the rice is too long, it doesn’t taste good enough. Besides, the rice is easily rotten when cooked. Therefore, make sure we choose rice that smells normal and doesn’t smell musty.

8. Be careful with cheap rice

The next way to choose quality rice is to pay attention to the price of rice. On the market, there are different prices of rice offered. The reference for the price of rice is determined according to the quality of the rice. So, the better the quality of the rice, the higher the price will be. However, the taste offered will be even more delicious.

And if you happen to be chasing rice that is marketed at too low prices, try to be careful because it is feared that rice has poor quality or that it has been too long. So, it is not good enough to be consumed.

9. Bite the rice to test the quality of the rice

Another technique can be implemented to ensure the quality of rice, which is by biting the rice technique. Rice that has good quality, when bitten is not easily fragile and wants to be hard. And this kind of rice is best for diabetes. Also, even when consumed, it has good taste and fluffiness.

It is essential to know that fragile rice wants to have not a little water. This is usually carried out by people who are not good so that the weight on rice increases. Later, this will give a certain advantage to the person. However, rice that is too fragile won’t last long. He was also easily musty and found fleas.

10. Choose rice that is clean and not mixed with impurities

The next tips that can be done to get the best rice and superior quality are to choose clean rice. Clean rice is rice that does not contain any dirt. Both of these are dirt in the form of rocks, grain, or other impurities. Because fresh rice is more protected health. Even the taste of rice will be even better.

Some tips for choosing quality rice above can be used as your reference to get the best rice. In essence, there are not a few things that must be ignored when choosing rice. Because of quality rice, the family will be more healthy and awake. Besides, it can also avoid many diseases and health problems that often interfere.


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