Things to Know About Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is a necessity considering the depletion of resources and land mass due to industrialization and climate change. The problems faced by the farmers need to be addressed to find a convenient solution which benefits the production of crops. Also, the technologies need to be made affordable for farmers to produce the best crops through affordable means. There are private and government organizations which are working to provide better services to farmers and aware them of the advancements in agriculture.

Farming Solutions

Proper planning is necessary for achieving good results. Farmers need to be provided with technical assistance, monitorization of the production, and knowledge about the crop and new methods. The organizations working for this cause should be able to help the farmers and provide them with necessary means for agricultural growth.

Problems faced by sustainable agriculture

Climate change


The effects of climate change are already visible, and proper measure needs to be taken to slow down the drastic decline in climate health. This can be done by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by controlling emissions from agricultural production- from cows and other animals, from fertilizers, from rice production, etc.


The population of the world is growing at a rapid rate, and in exchange, the fertility rates have fallen in the past decade. Africa has made health and education a priority for all too aware them of the population challenge and the demand for food.


Deforestation is another major cause face of agriculture. Trees have been cut down to increase the area for industrialization. It is causing the depletion of fertility for the land. The reports of landslides in hilly regions have become common more recently.


Switching of crops

There is a need for switching of crops based on the condition of the agricultural region. There are barren lands which are not useful anymore due to lack of knowledge regarding the type of soil. Smart measures can be taken to study to soil and fit a proper type of crop that can be cultivated.  The right assistance and management can provide better opportunities for small farmers to be more productive.

Investment on research


The food and agriculture organization has estimated 45-50 billion dollars is required annually for the research in agriculture. It is an important investment which will help in the programming of agriculture for future purpose.

Encouraging small scale farmers

Small scale farmers need to be encouraged to stick to agriculture. Due to a loss in the production and unavailability of the market to these farmers, they are opting out of their role. They need to be provided with more confidence and resources for preserving their experience and use it with new ideas.

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Modernization of Agriculture

The world is experiencing a significant amount of changes in farming techniques. The increase in the demand for production and the advancement of new machinery to change the methods for cultivation. The new technology provides a sustainable and quicker medium for the production of the food. The lives of farmers have been benefited by the new techniques and have established better workstyle for them.

Modern Farming Methods

It has been a revolutionary decade for agriculture, and the farmers have experienced several changes in the process and methods of farming. Due to the decline in the fertility of limited lands, the investments were made for the research of better methods to improve agriculture quality. The agriculture sector has been brought back to attention with new styles and machines for production.  The modernization in agriculture is the key to the sustained production of food, and it needs to be updated according to the demand of quality and quantity. The land mass for agriculture is constantly depleting, which harms the quality of production, and hence modern farming methods are necessary.

Processes of Modern Agricultural Methods

There are two major aims of modern agriculture. One is to have a high yield of the farm produce. Second is to generate good profit over the farm products. Systematic and consistent efforts are required to achieve these aims. There are six methods which are implemented for reaching these two aims, namely, Monoculture, Irrigation, Intense Tillage, Inorganic Fertilizers, Chemical Pest Control, and Genetic manipulation of plants for refined production. Although all of these methods are necessary, their use also depends upon the type of corp and the type of land used for agriculture in addition to the cost of production.


It is the best type of farming method which produces a good quality production. This is because the land is used only for a single type of crop. It makes the cultivation of land easier because the techniques used for the crop is of the same kind. Even weeding is easier as the plants that are grown are specific. Harvesting and storage are also easier as the entire production can be stored without the fear of mixing of two crops.


Irrigation technology,

Every land for cultivation requires a running water supply if at all it is used for agriculture. There are several strategies which are used for the irrigation of land, like the construction of dams and borewells. Rivers diversions are the most common sources. Nowadays, sprinklers, dripping systems, and use of pumps have come to existence for a more efficient way of water application.

Genetic manipulation of plants

Modern agriculture has animal and crop breeding methods with the use of hybrid seeds, which are made by the use of two different crops to produce a better offspring. It is done by the method of genetic engineering. This helps in deducting the traits in the crops and amplify its benefits. One such example is Brocolli.