Why Japanese Agricultural Technology is the Most Advanced in The World Right Now

Although concerning Japanese land is not as good as land in other countries, the quality of food from Japanese agricultural products has become a consideration of the world and has become a world quality. This high-quality agricultural production is the key to success achieved by Japan because agricultural technology is more advanced than in other countries.

Japanese agricultural technology is arguably very comprehensive both from the planting process to the harvesting process. Besides, the support of the government and researchers has the greatest influence on the success of agriculture in the country. This is many modern technologies applied to agriculture in Japan.

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Back to agricultural point, here are the reason why Japanese still number 1 in the game:

  1. Genetic Engineering of Rice Nurseries

Japan has high-quality food products that have not escaped their development in the field of research, especially in working on genetic engineering. Although stages like this have begun to develop in other countries, Japan is the only country that has successfully maximized this genetic engineering.

  1. Use of a Rice Growing Machine

Most of the work carried out by the Japanese community is inseparable from the use of sophisticated equipment, including in agriculture. Japan has a modern rice planting machine that has the name Rice Transplanter with this device that can facilitate farmers in placing rice, in addition to being easier, the tool used can deliver precise results. India has started to develop a similar engine, but not a few farmers have used this technology.

At present, almost all types of rice planting machines in Japan have realized the technology of self-propulsion Type, which can be operated by being driven or driven depending on the distance of the planting groove.

  1. Handling

Most farmers in many countries in working on treatments such as spraying pesticides and fertilizer application are carried out by manual techniques and require a long time. All Japanese farmers showed the opposite. In this country, the provision of fertilizers and other treatments is only carried out by one person with the help of a tractor designed in such away. With this machine, they only need shorter periods and are easier to maintain.

  1. Rice Harvesters

Rice harvesters have the name Indo Combine Harvester that already exists in India, and this device requires at least three people to operate it in the process of harvesting. Technology from Japanese agriculture has agricultural tools that only need one operator to manage it. By using this tool, the activity is certainly more maximal.

  1. Cloud Computing for Agriculture

It turns out that besides using sophisticated equipment, agriculture in Japan also has them computerized on their farms. One of them is using Cloud Computing. This system, made by Fujitsu, and has been used by various agricultural agencies used in Japan such as Aeon Agri, Shinpuku Seika, Sowakajeun and Fukuhara.

Cloud Computing is those that are created to detect rain predictions of environmental humidity levels with the technique of placing as many sensors at the location of the plant. The data received by the sensor is synchronized in one of them and can be noticed via a smartphone or tablet PC. With this technology, it is desirable to be able to reduce the occurrence of not succeeding in harvesting the impact of unexpected Japanese weather conditions, besides that it is also beneficial to be able to increase the quality of the crop.

  1. Indoor Agriculture

Japan, especially the City of Tokyo, is the largest metropolitan city in the world that has not a few skyscrapers. But who would have thought if in Tokyo the city had agricultural land that had a reasonably large area? The farm area is inside the building.

Pasona 2 is a rice field area developed and managed by Pasona Group. The uniqueness of the location of this rice field is its location, which is in the basement of its 27-story building in the Business District area. At a location of 3,000 m2, it uses technology that can grow rice without sunlight.

In place of sunlight, using modern technology to control rice plants can grow well, such as the use of lights and temperature controllers that are arranged in a computerized manner. Besides rice, Pasona 2 has at least 100 other types of plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, and various spices.