Millennials are the generation closest to technology. They sprang up in a time when technology was proliferating. Therefore, not a few Millennial Generation activities are supported by technology. In other words, they barely know the world without the existence of the technology itself.

If you are one of the elements of the Millennial Generation, you can do not a few things with technology, you know! Not only for communication needs, but you can also use technology to develop agriculture.

In the United States, not a few farmers use modern technology to get rid of pests that disrupt their plants. Yes, pests are indeed among the biggest problems in the world of agriculture. In fact, according to information from data from the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), there are still around 20-40% of the world’s harvest loss due to pests and diseases, although there are two million tons of pesticides used every year.

If we say about agricultural tools, the first business that you might think of is a tractor or such machines. But did you know that drones — a tool often used by Millennial Generation to capture portraits and become hits on Instagram — can also be used to help farmers work more effectively and efficiently?

The drone used is a drone equipped with special features

Drones that are used for agricultural needs are indeed a bit contradictory to the drones that are often used by Millennials for photographic needs. Agricultural drones are equipped with special cameras, namely multispectral cameras, to monitor and show in detail the land belonging to farmers.

This camera is similar to a visible lights camera. He can collect data about hidden parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that indicate the location of plants that are affected by many types of pests, for example, fungi, before the fungus had grown more or developed more.

The way the agricultural drones work

With the ease of a multispectral camera, the drone will monitor agricultural land from the air, then indicate plants that are exposed to pests and diseases. This problem can be shown well because agricultural drones are also equipped with digital skill sensors that can show pictures of agricultural land in detail.

With this technique, pesticides can be directly directed at plants that do need it, to the extent that farmers do not need to flush all elements of the land. This certainly will save you the time and cost of buying pesticides. With this kind of technology, wild animals (which are not pests) will live safer because they avoid pesticides.

 The price is quite high, but it can help reduce long-term spending and increase sales of agricultural products

Agricultural drones are not sold online. On AliExpress, this device is marketed at varying prices, ranging from 1.5 million to 50 million Rupiah. The price is determined by the body drone material, camera quality, and different facilities provided. Even though the price is quite high, as a creative Millennial Generation, you won’t feel the loss of buying it. You can rent it to help different farmers who need it.

Agricultural drones can be used for large areas and long periods. Besides, the use of this one agricultural technology will save the cost of purchasing pesticides.

One of the most important affairs in agriculture is the market. In general, the market expects agricultural products that have minimum pesticides and herbicides but still have good quality. With the agricultural drone, the use of pesticides and herbicides will certainly decrease. This will increase the quality and sale of farm products.

AS has a drone supply company, Indonesia has a creative Millennial Generation

In the United States, precisely in Colorado, some companies supply drones to map unhealthy plants in farmers’ fields. The company has the name Agribotix, a company that creates analytical data on agriculture in the Boulder, Colorado, USA area. Although it is only in the US, Agribotix has processed data collected from drones from farms in 50 countries (or more).

Even though in Indonesia you don’t have a company like Agribotix, as a creative Millennial, you have to think of techniques to add to your country’s agriculture with this latest technology. You might be able to establish an agro community in your area, then purchase agricultural drones to rent and use for farmers.



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