It is undeniable that the presence of pesticides for farmers is like a mandatory item that cannot be left behind for a large harvest. Pesticides, even though they harm the environment and even humans, are still of great use among farmers. In fact, according to research conducted by Lady Eve Balfour in 1976, crop yields from pesticide plants can reduce the level of human health.

To reduce these adverse effects, organic farming was introduced as a preventive measure for diseases suffered by humans. Unfortunately, there are still farmers who are hesitant to apply organic farming to their crops. Check out the benefits below that you will get when implementing organic agriculture!

Higher selling price

When compared to agriculture that still uses pesticides, the selling price of crops from organic farming is more than doubled. For example, inorganic rice. At present, the market is worth $ 1 to $ 2 per kg. When compared with the price of organic brown rice, the price can be doubled because brown rice is sold at $ 3 to $ 5 per kg.

Imagine if you can buy a kilogram of brown rice, cook it, and eat it while you were playing poker game with your friends. Not only brown rice, but with $ 5, you can also get many bonuses in online poker gambling by winning with full house or straight flush. Just don’t get to cocky and make your own choice!

People choose healthy over price

Do not underestimate the healthy lifestyle trends that are currently being embraced by many people. Awareness of the importance of healthy living makes people choose food from organic agriculture. When this has been circulating, organic brown rice, vegetables, and fruit that are in the period of planting to harvest are not touched by harmful chemicals.

If you look at any media, there are already many vegetables, fruit and other organic food shopping services. This is also proof that organic farming has an interest. So, don’t worry if your harvest won’t sell. People with a high level of awareness of healthy living will not think too much about the price of expensive food ingredients as long as it makes them healthy.

Maintain environmental health

Organic farming requires the exclusion of intruding organisms as long as they are below the safe threshold to not need to be eradicated. By allowing these organisms to stay alive, you have helped to maintain environmental balance, because even if they are pests, their existence is still needed as a counterweight.

If you use chemical pesticides to eradicate disruptive organisms, it is not uncommon for living organisms that are good for the environment to be killed. In that way, the balance of nature will be disturbed. Leaving plant-disturbing organisms may pose a risk that plants do not have a perfect appearance. However, this fact proves that the fruit or vegetable is safe from pesticides because of other organisms like it.

Low operational costs

Implementing safer and healthier agriculture means that the Ministry of Agriculture will fully support you by getting help with organic fertilizers such as compost and pens. You can even produce your fertilizer using agricultural waste. So, the cost of fertilizer will be much cheaper.

By weighing some of the benefits that you will get when implementing an organic farming system, now is the time to start switching to organic.


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